Zoigl Brewery in Downtown Bryan


Downtown Bryan is full of concert venues, cafés and coffee shops, but now it is the home of a brand new brewery. Zoigl Brewery is a Bavarian styled community brewery that opened January 6 of this year. The group of people involved in the creation of Zoigl had a goal of creating a business that celebrates craft beer and its ability to bring people together.

Zoigl works in a unique way and values community involvement in that is turns the town into a traveling pub/brewery through the members of the brewery. Many members have their own fermenters and they take the prepared wort to their fermenter to complete the brewing process. Zoigl is more than a brewing factory due the engagement of members in the fermenting. When the prepared wort is taken to another location for fermenting, this allows Zoigl to begin assisting the next member. Members are given a “Zoigl” sign after the brewing is complete to display their involvement in the Zoigl community.

This style of brewing originated in the 15th century and is only currently used in only five cities in Eastern Bavaria. This means that Bryan is the home of a completely unique business not found anywhere near it. Zoigl beer is a city-wide company that puts a unique spin on local involvement. Local business is what fuels our community, and Zoigl is doing their part in spreading their local business and product.

Zoigl offers involvement in the brewery in both participatory and non-participatory roles. Non-participatory involvement includes wholesale prices on equipment, supplies and swag for these who do not wish to be a part of the sales at Zoigl. Participatory involvement includes cooking and selling with the Zoigl brand for those who are interested in the craft and are looking for an outlet. Zoigl brand craft beer is available at any location with a “Zoigl” sign on display.

This style of brewery is a way to bring together communities of craft beer connoisseurs and those learning the craft in the Brazos Valley.


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