White Rabbit, Red Rabbit: StageCenter Theatre


Picture this: It’s your first day at your job, one where you have no boss, no office and no previous experience in the field. Oh, and you also don’t know what your responsibilities are.

Sound like something you’d wanna do?

Well that’s exactly what eight actors will experience as the StageCenter Theatre presents “White Rabbit, Red Rabbit.”  

The play, created by Iranian writer Nassim Soleimanpour, is a complete surprise to the audience as well as the performer who takes the stage. There’s no director, no set and no rehearsals. Instead, the lone actor takes the stage without having previously seen the script.

It’s a spectacular approach to a play, but the true story is in the play’s origins.

Soleimanpour is not allowed to leave his native country of Iran, due to refusing to take part in military service, a requirement of all Iranian men. His isolation was the inspiration for creating “White Rabbit, Red Rabbit,” which he said began as a nightmare he had many years ago.

The play walks the line between a comedy and a drama, and has starred several big names, including Whoopi Goldberg, Nathan Lane, Martin Short, Cynthia Nixon and Wayne Brady.

Unlike typical theatrical performances where the audience is expected to turn off all electronic devices, “White Rabbit, Red Rabbit” encourages their use. Soleimanpour included his email address in the script for audience members to send him photos and videos of the performance.

As with previous renditions of the play, each showing at the StageCenter Theatre will have a different actor. Therefore, each performance will have its own style and voice, which adds to the excitement the play generates.

The play will be performed Jan. 25 and 26, and Feb. 1 and 2, at 7 and 9 p.m. each night.

Tickets to each individual show costs $15. Those intending to see both shows in a single evening can purchase night passes for $25. And if you are a true fan of the play, tickets for all eight performances can be purchased for $80.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience a unique and fascinating approach to theater!

To purchase tickets or for the upcoming play schedule, go to: http://www.stagecenter.net/white-rabbit-red-rabbit.html



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