Visual Art Society Launching Aggieland Art Trail


Looking for a chance to show how smart and cultured you are? Or maybe you’re looking for an interesting guide around town? Well then, grab your smartest looking glasses and start practicing your chin stroking because the Visual Art Society of Bryan College Station is launching the Aggieland Art Trail, highlighting art pieces all across Bryan-College Station. The Opening Day event takes place on Sep. 11 with a kick-off breakfast at 8 a.m. at POV Coffee House located at the Stella Hotel and continues all day, ending with a free hors d’oeuvres, wine, and beer reception with your passport at the Wyndham Garden Hotel from 6-8 p.m. 

The Aggieland Art Trail will showcase more than 15 murals, 40 public statues, and many of the art galleries sprinkled around town. Whether you’re an art scholar or just someone who likes to learn, the trail will allow you to go at your own pace any time you wish, using downloadable “passports” that include maps to all of the stops along the trail. If you’re looking for a more detailed tour, on opening day there’ll be guides present at the kick-off breakfast and the galleries that will be able to answer your questions and give more information about the pieces. Opening day will also feature a special Veterans Day dedication ceremony for the “War on Terror” statue at the Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial.  Throughout the day, LIVE!art, a community of artists, will host live demos and an interactive art section for kids at Degallery.

If you’re worried about getting famished while on the trail, don’t fret! There are many stops at local cafes, bars and wineries. Some of the stops include Mad Taco, Gate 12 Bar and Grill, Perrine Winery, and Cilantro Mexican Grill. These places will allow you to continue enjoying great art pieces as well as some great food. You can find a complete list of all the stops on the Aggieland Art Trail website.        

The Visual Art Society is a non-profit volunteer based organization that has been active in Bryan-College Station for almost 50 years. They are dedicated to providing local artists of any age and skill level opportunities to create, learn, and showcase their work at events such as art shows and teaching workshops. The Visual Art Society also does more than just add color to BCS, they also focus on helping the local community by awarding scholarships to high school seniors as well as hosting fundraising events. They’re a large part of BCS, and you can see more events and workshops on their website

The Aggieland Art Trail will definitely give you as much art as you can handle. So go and soak in works of art that make Bryan-College Station great!


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