Valentine’s Dates You Haven’t Been On


Valentines dates

By Annabeth Reeb

For the ones who are adventurous…

Sugarloaf Mountain. About a 50-minute drive from College Station, Sugarloaf is the perfect Valentines location for those who love nature just as much as their significant other. Sugarloaf is only about 400-500ft to the peak, so you won’t be sweating your Valentines Day makeup off on the hike. No worries, you’ll still look great in the pictures you take at the top. Pack a picnic, some water, and something sharp if you want to carve your name at the top.

For the one with the anger issues…

Valentines Day isn’t for you? If you aren’t into pouring your hard-earned money into chocolates and teddy bears, then grab your date, friend, or just yourself and head over to a shooting range. You can either rent a gun for a small fee or bring your own, either way, shooting at a bunch of targets will be way more fun than that cheesy chick flic you were going to see. BCS has all sorts of shooting ranges, including Champion Firearms, Gunsmoke, CCC Shooting Complex, and many more.

For the one’s who love animals….

What if we told you that pure happiness is only a 45-minute drive away? Why spend Valentines Day at a dinner table when you could spend it feeding all kinds of different animals in the comfort of your car? Franklin Drive Through Safari has more than a dozen different species roaming their zoo, and you get to hand feed them all! Even better, if you don’t have a bae to kiss this Valentines Day, the giraffe there is always happy to give you a big smooch for the camera.

For the one’s who love to cuddle….

This one’s for the 95% of BCS who owns a truck…if you are a part of the 5% that doesn’t, well, find a date with a truck. Go around your house and grab every blanket, pillow, and comforter and throw them in the truck bed. Drive to a nice open spot and enjoy! You have you’re very own portable bed with a world of stars above you for entertainment. Nothing says romance like stargazing in the back of a pickup.

For the one’s that are creative…

We all loved making crafts for Valentines Day in middle school—but why did it stop there? Painting and gluing your way to someone’s heart is always the best way. Luckily, College Station offers a more grownup version of Valentines Crafts. Painting With a Twist, Pinot’s Pallet, and U Paint it—they all have the same great basic principle: creativity and the optional BYOB. Cuddle up to your significant other with a paintbrush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Don’t want to spend money? Buy some cheap paint and canvases and have your own at-home paint date.

For the one with the wand….

No matter how much time passes since the last Harry Potter book or movie was released, it will always be an acceptable thing to devote all of your time to. Round up all of the Harry Potter movies, find a recipe for butter beer and licorice wands, and you’ve got yourself a Valentines Day that’s sure to please anyone, wizards and muggles alike.


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