Types of College Roommates


You love ‘em. You hate ‘em. You do your laundry with ‘em. Whether in college or beginning to live away from home, living with a roommate is a rite of passage many live to tell the horrific or hilarious stories of. We’ve composed a list of the types of roommates everyone has encountered in their college career or hopefully, will never have to.

The Brain
It’s day one, and your roommate already has the first five chapters read, outlined, and organized. While studying for a cure for cancer, they also build model rockets. Yep, maybe you should start studying..

The Quiet One
Small talk began and ended on move-in day. Your cough makes more noise than they do. Are they even here? This roommate make you question whether or not you even have a one. Hello single room!

The Fridge Hoarder
You’ve just spent the last hour of your afternoon buying groceries only to get home and see there’s no space for your beloved pint of ice cream and somewhat healthy chips. All of their food is labeled like they take daily inventory. They don’t play any games when it comes to food.

The Lowkey Food Thief
What goes bump in the night? Your roommate that is. As you reach to get a granola bar on your way to class, the box is completely empty. You just bought these last week! Then, you catch a glimpse of the trashcan. C’mon, buy your own food.

The Everyday Partier
Is it Tuesday or Saturday? Your roommate sure can’t tell the difference. While you’re slaving away in the library, they’re earning a minor in Beer Pong with a concentration in Tequila Shots. Their stumbling in at 2 am and making a hot pocket really irritates you, especially when you have an exam the next day.

The Neat Freak
Your room always smells like fresh scented pine cones and Clorox and bleach. Their bed is made every morning before you’ve managed to get ready. Your side of the room looks like a pigsty in comparison. Their cleanliness makes you self conscious about your not-so-clean lifestyle.

The Night Owl
After a long day of class and studying, you can’t wait to get back to your room and chill out. Too bad that’s the same time your roommate decides to be productive. Your sleep time is their work time. Go figure.

The Perfect Roommate
Last but not certainly not least, this rare gem magically fit all the roommate match questions you filled out. They respect your space, but know when to intervene. They’re not too clean, not too messy but juuuuuust right. You both share food occasionally, and treat yourselves to a night out every once and awhile. Let’s face it: you both are really good friends. You just can’t see doing college without them.


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