The Statesboro Revue @ Grand Stafford Theater


The Statesboro Revue

By Evan Flores

On February 12, Grand Stafford Theater in Bryan will host The Statesboro Revue as the next event in their spring lineup. The Statesboro Revue will be playing off their recent album ‘Ramble On Privilege Creek’ released in 2013. Their debut album, “Different Kind of Light” released in 2009, produced by Grammy Award Winner David Z.

Lead singer Stewart Mann joined with his younger brother Garrett Mann as the lead guitarist and have traveled the state of Texas dispensing their soulful yet familiar sound of music across the land. Stewart’s personal musical talent and unique voice landed him in the starring role of “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story” this past year at the Cameo Theater in San Antonio, giving testament to the raw potential the band possesses.

Although the band only began in 2008, Stewart’s musical journey started long before the band formed, however through a triage of events and lessons, he discovered his true belonging on stage: performing with an old school rock and roll band with elements of Texas country music and a profound rhythm unique to such a young band.

The success of The Statesboro Revue has increased exponentially since their formation eight years ago, with recognition from a number of organizations and an impressive resume including famous bands they have played with or opened for. In the early years of The Statesboro Revue, the band was named as one of the main highlights of the 2009 South by Southwest Concert Festival in Austin, giving early credit to the band and fueling the motivation of the rock and roll band to continue their journey into local fame.

Since their recognition in 2008, The Statesboro Revue has gone on to play with a number of big name artists in their few years of existence. With their release of their 2013 album, the band has shared the stage with famous artists such as Willie Nelson, Randy Rogers Band, Eli Young Band and a number of more famous country stars.

With elements of rock and roll, Celtic anthems and traditional country rhythm, The Statesboro Revue boasts an electric live performance with unmatched interaction with the audience for a smaller band. Tickets can be found at the Grand Stafford Theater’s site and also the band’s personal site


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