The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Grand Stafford Theatre



The Grand Stafford Theatre and shadow cast of Cepheid Variable proudly present The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the mega-hit 1975 British musical comedy horror film with a huge cult following.

There will be two showings at 8pm and 12am on October 31 with doors opening an hour before each show. It is strongly recommended that you buy your tickets early as the event is expected to sell out. Come in your best costume and buy prop bags, provided by Cepheid Variable, at the theatre or bring your own. If you do bring your own though, the theatre asks that you do not bring any liquids, food and candles.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show film first premiered in September of 1975, and was largely considered a failure. However the movie began to pick up steam a few years later when the film was shown at Waverly Theater in New York City, moviegoers with a passion for the film started interacting with the film by shouting lines back and using props to go along with scenes from the movie. The tradition continues today and has become a unique film experience that heavily encourages audience participation.

For first time goers, or “Virgins,” in true RHPS lingo, it may be confusing and perhaps a bit overwhelming – but the event is sure to be a blast and hopefully your first time will not be your last.

Come early and eat at The Village Café located at 210 W 26 St in Downtown Bryan. The café is offering ticket holders 25 percent off any food items and $1 off any drinks. Tickets must be presented at the counter.

Tickets: $5

This film is rated R and may not be suitable for all audiences, minors must be accompanied by an adult.


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