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It’s officially summer time, which calls for outdoor relaxation by the pool. What better way to enjoy a summer evening than with a glass of wine? We’ve got no shortage of great local wines to choose from, so for that refreshing taste of summer, Perrine Winery and Peach Creek Vineyards are sure to have just the right wine for you! 

Peach Creek Vineyards offers a variety of wine selections, all made with 100% Texas fruit. When it comes down to choosing a perfect summer wine selection, Peach Creek Owner Donna Stolpman says the lucky winner is Tropical Bliss.  “This wine is made in the style of some

Sauvignon Blancs featuring very strong citrus notes,” says Stolpman.  “As Tropical Bliss warms up just a little (~50 degrees), strong notes of pineapple come out, making this a fun as well as tasty wine.” There are no flavorings added to Tropical Bliss and the aroma comes right from the grape, says Stolpman. “It’s made from Blanc du Bois grapes grown in the Brazos Valley,” Stolpman continues. “So it’s very much a ‘local’ wine. It’s grown, processed, and sold here.” 

To top it off, Stolpman says Tropical Bliss is one of Peach Creek’s most food-friendly wines on the selection menu. “It’s an off-dry wine, which means it is not completely dry but not a semi-sweet either. The fruitiness of the grape/wine can be mistaken for sweetness so it may seem sweeter than it is.”  

If you’d like to try it, Stolpman also added that all of their wines can be ordered through their website and shipped anywhere in Texas, are available for purchase to go from the winery, and are also sold at HEB, but, she adds, “each Store Wine Manager decides what to stock at his store so requests can be made.” 

On the other side of College Station in the Aggieland Micro District is family-owned micro-winery Perrine Winery. (Perrine rhymes with wine.) Owners Rick and Beth Leopold say their perfect summer wine is called Zombie Walk. Rick calls it “a semi-sweet white blend that we infuse with coconut lime, tropical fruit, and vanilla.”  

Other semi-sweet infused wines are also popular summer wine selections at the winery. “We also make dry-whites, dry-reds and dessert wines, so we make just about everything,” says Rick. Very much a family business, Rick and Beth do everything, from making the wines to working the tasting rooms, so when the current restrictions are lifted, the tasting rooms are a great place to go to hang out for a bit and talk with Rick and Beth about wine. Perrine Winery’s unique varietals are made by sourcing grape juices and crushed grapes from some of the most revered wine growing regions of the world, and by making their wines on site in small batches of 100-1,000 liters, Perrine Winery ensures you’ll always have something newly delectable to try. Perrine Winery ships to Texas as well as many other states. 

Due to the Governor’s executive order limiting bars and restaurants to contain the spread of COVID-19, both Peach Creek and Perrine Winery are now open for to-go and online sales and customers are required to wear masks.


Donna Stolpman,

Beth Leopold, 

Rick Leopold,


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