The Nightowls @ Grand Stafford Theater


the-nightowls-580x386   by Jordyn Smith

Got an itch for some southern soul? Get out to the Grand Stafford Theater on Friday October 2 to catch a show by The Nightowls. The Austin-based group is bringing their twist on soul to BCS for a second week in a row, with their show at the Grand Stafford Theater following their show at the Texas Reds Festival.

Their debut album, “Good as Gold,” dropped in 2014. The album fostered great praise from many in the Austin music scene, named one of the Top 10 of the year albums at the Austin Chronicle Music Awards.

Following the success of their album, The Nightowls began to create major buzz. Their mixing of R&B, funk, and pop resonates with fans. Bringing a fresh vibe to the music scene, The Nightowls quickly began to expand their horizons outside of Texas, touring all over the United States and propelling themselves to the next level.

In October of 2014, the group made a glorious return to their hometown of Austin to play at one of the country’s biggest music festivals: Austin City Limits. Following their show at ACL, The Nightowls released a much-anticipated 4-track EP titled “Good as Gold B-sides,” along with a vinyl re-release of their debut album.

As the group began to plan out their second full-length album, they knew there was only one place that album could be recorded. The group traveled to the famous FAME studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. FAME is a legendary studio that played host to likes of Aretha Franklin, The Allman Brothers, and many more during the 60’s and 70’s. The Nightowls referred to FAME studios as their mecca.

Knowing that they only had three days at FAME to make their record, they had to be prepared. The group used the three months prior to their recording session to write the album. With the help of David Hood and Spooner Oldham—two original members of the group The Swampers and legendary vocalists the Shoal Sisters, The Nightowls were able to put together a solid record.

The 8-track album, titled “Fame Sessions,” provides music lovers with a fresh take on a classic genre. With their smooth vocals and impressive brass sounds and tracks like Tracks like “Get Up!,” and “City Love,” this album will essentially strap on your dancing shoes. The album kicks off with “Nobody but You,” an up-beat track with catchy hooks and a brass accompaniment. The funk-inspired “Highline” is a smooth track that balances out the album well. The group harnesses good-feeling and inspiration in “Come On Over (Come Together)” and “Avalon.” The track “Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye” is an instant-classic that could easily fit right in with songs with other historic tracks recorded at FAME Studios.

If you missed The Nightowls at the Texas Reds Festival, this is your chance to catch them in a headlining show before they hit the road for a while.


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