The McFerrin Center Annual Box Party


What drives you? Is it the job you have now, or the degree that feels so close? Perhaps it’s the crazy, seemingly unattainable dream you’ve always had that makes your fingers tingle and gives you that special spark in your eyes. Don’t settle for less. You have the ability to open that restaurant, become that CEO, own your own food truck. Whatever it may be, find out how to develop the right skills and experience to land your dream job with the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship! Join the McFerrin Center in the Press Box at Kyle Field at 4:30 p.m., Tuesday, September 3, for their annual Box Party. With food, fun, and of course, entrepreneurship, put yourself on track for the future you know you deserve!

Since 1999, the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship has helped enhance student education.  Through their vision, the Center strives to develop and support entrepreneurs on campus, in Texas, and throughout the world with research, teaching and community engagement. Blake Petty, Director of the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship, encourages students to come with an open mind to understand all the different avenues that can be explored with the McFerrin Center. What’s the number one thing students can gain from attending the Box Party and learning about the McFerrin Center? Petty says it’s “recognizing that there are lots of different experiences and a variety of levels of commitment, whether that’s a one time event, maybe it’s a weekend long experience, or even a semester long experience—they can get as involved as they want to in one of our entrepreneurship programs.”

With over thirty programs, the McFerrin Center is full of opportunities for A&M students to get involved. This event is the perfect way to start the fall semester, with opportunities such as scholarships, fellowships, and much more. Taking place right after Texas A&M’s Howdy Week, Petty says this is an opportunity “for fall students to understand the variety of things they can get involved in and get excited about some of the programs.” Because of all they have to offer, this event will shed more light on entrepreneurship and the McFerrin Center than a single table top at Howdy Week would be able to explain.

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