The Look: Makeup


Price doesn’t necessarily determine the quality when it comes to makeup. A lot of the magic happens in the actual application and the different ways they are applied. Some of my favorite brushes and sponges are carried on drugstore shelves and have lived up to their more expensive counterparts.

1. The famous Beauty Blender is a pro makeup favorite, while Real Techniques sells a very comparable blender for a fraction of the price. Dampen sponge, squeeze out excess and push foundation with a bouncing motion onto skin. Cleanse weekly to reduce the chance of break outs.

Try Beauty Blender $20.00 at Sephora

Try Real Techniques Sponge $6.99 at Ulta

2. Real Techniques​ brushes come in a set for every occasion as well as individuals. The packaging describes each brush and it’s possible uses. Coupons are also eligible as well and they middle range in pricing help them be affordable to all. These brushes have stood the test of time with hard use and frequent washing.

Try Core Brush Set by Real Techniques $17.99 at Wal Mart

3. Powder puffs with finger guards make great cushion for use to rest on the clients face when applying product, for personal use they are great for lightly layering setting powder.

Try Powder Puffs for setting powder $2.49 for 4 at Ulta

4. Every good tool needs a thorough washing to stay in tip top shape. Japanesque has a great goat milk cleanser that does not break down the bristles and adds moisture to condition your brushes for a deep clean.

Try Japanesque Goat Milk Cleanser $20.00 at Ulta

*Pro Tip: try using a spray cleaner to lightly clean your brushes in between heavy cleansing.

Try Sonya Kushisk Sponge and Brush Cleaner for $ 6.99


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