The Look: A Perfect Foundation


Foundation comes in a variety of shades, coverage options, and finishes. The main purpose is to provide a flawless appearance and even out one’s skin tone.

  1. When choosing your shade, drag a small amount over the cheek down onto the jawline. Look at the finish under natural light to see what best suits your skin tone.
  1. Check the bottle for keywords like “luminizing,” “matte,” and “mineral” to determine what best suits your skin needs. Always exfoliate and moisturize your skin prior to applying. Luminizing is going to be best for teens or those with normal skin. Matte is going to be best for oily skin, while mineral is best for combination and those wanting a lighter coverage.
  2. Hair on the face commonly known as peach fuzz will hinder the way any foundation has the ability to “lay” on the skin. You may also set your skin with powder and setting spray. For extra coverage:

*Pro Tip: Try using your dampened beauty blender to blend in matte foundations to thin out the full coverage

Try* Makeup Forever Mat Velvet for a Matte Full coverage $39.00 at Sephora

Try * Bare Minerals powder foundation for a light coverage $28.50 at Ulta

Try* Luminizing True Match for a great medium coverage with a beautiful skin finish $12.99 at Ulta


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