The Big Event


The Big Event is a well-known, loved and cherished community service act that tens of thousands of Texas A&M students participate in each Spring semester. Each year, over 22,000 motivated Aggie students, faculty and staff unite to serve the Bryan-College Station community.

Beginning in 1982, this one-day student-run service project is the largest of its kind throughout the entire nation. Talk about school spirit, Whoop! As a recognized student organization and proud member of the Student Government Association at Texas A&M, this years 36th Annual Big Event will take place on March 24, 2018 .

The message and overall mission of this “Big Event” has continuously stayed the same over the past couple of decades. The motto is so simple that you’ll almost not believe how big of an impact two seemingly powerless words have had the influence to make. Our goal for this day is to just spread our appreciation and say, “thank you” to the outlying community and residents who do so much to support us students (and our rowdy school spirit).  

All local resident requests this upcoming event have already been taken into account, as the waitlist for this 2018 year has even been filled to the brim. Obviously, both the residents and community businesses love and appreciate the efforts they are being offered on this special day.

Last year alone, over 2,400 residents were helped. So far there are 125 Big Events taking place across the country, and since 1982 over 877,048 total community service hours have been served and given.

Students participate in this annual event in order to share and spread their appreciation for the community with which they live, thrive and attend school. Our futures are made possible through the generosity others have shown us and our school, so The Big Event is our way of giving back and making sure everyone knows how thankful we really are. Whether doing yard work, car or window washing, painting or even some custodial labor, anything that we can do to give back to those that have given so much to us already.

The Big Event is based off of some of the core values that all Aggies are known to honor and uphold: unity through service. This event’s extensive  and emotional impact is not based off of the number of jobs completed by Aggie students within the specified day each year. Instead, this day is about the positive, inspiring and generous interactions these students have with their community neighboring residents.


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