Texas Beaches to Visit this Spring Break


As Spring Break quickly approaches, heading to the beach and blowing off steam crosses everyone’s mind, from young college students to families. Escape the crowds and busy traffic this March in prime locations all across Texas. We’ve come up with a list of cool towns and beaches along the Texas coast great for anyone to enjoy.

Port Aransas: approximately 4.5 hours from College Station

Located about 180 miles from San Antonio, Port Aransas is a family-friendly coastal location in central Texas. With a rich European past, the town has a number of historical landmarks perfect for exploring. Family excursions on a catamaran, fishing tours, nature adventures, or a simple day at the beach are all activities that can be enjoyed at Port A.

Boca Chica Beach: approximately 6.5 hours from College Station

The Austin Chronicle named Boca Chica Beach “the most unspoiled public beach on the Texas coast.” Tucked away and hidden behind the city of Brownsville, the 1,054 acres of untouched wetland and beach area are owned by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. If you’re searching for a perfect getaway far from noisy hotels and crazy spring breakers, enjoy the coast of Boca Chica Beach. No shoes, no shirt, and no tourists.

Rockport Beach: approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes from College Station

Known as the first Blue Wave Beach, Rockport is located in the Aransas Bay. With playgrounds available for children and a popular 800 foot pier located on the north end of the shore, this is a great location for a day at the beach. If you’re thinking about bringing your beloved pet, keep in mind no animals are allowed here.

Mustang Island: approximately 4.5 hours from College Station

Stretching from Corpus Christi to Port Aransas, the island is named after the indigenous wild horses that roamed the land for hundreds of years.  Activities like camping out on the beach, paddling along the Mustang Island Park Paddling Trail, and enjoying the shoreline are the island’s most popular activities.

Padre Island: approximately 4.5 hours from College Station

Nope, not South Padre Island. This barrier island is located in Corpus Christi and is known as the most underdeveloped beach in the world! With its laid back and relaxing vibes, it won’t be too hard to destress here this spring break. Mini-golf and kayaking are very popular pastimes at Padre, but you could always just kick back on the beach. Remember, you’re on island time.

Surfside Beach: approximately 2.5 hours from College Station

The locals call it “Surfside.” Located in the Brazoria County, Surfside Beach has a reputation for being one of Texas’ cleanest beaches. Enjoy the free beach-front parking and bonfire building when you visit this gem.

Matagorda Bay Nature Park: approximately 3 hours from College Station

Matagorda, Texas holds one of the state’s largest parks, ringing it at about 1,600 acres. This peninsula is where the Texas Colorado River and Gulf of Mexico meet. The park is known as one of the best birding areas in the nation, so don’t forget you binoculars. Relish in the unique waterfront consisting of four miles of beach and river water.

Crystal Beach: approximately 3 hours from College Station

Crystal Beach is right by Galveston and falls on the Bolivar Peninsula. It was named after its glimmering beaches and is known today to be eco and family friendly. Every year, the Texas Crab Festival is hosted here, where lots of, you guessed it, crab is available to attendees. While here, you experience catching a 30 minute ferry to Galveston and soaking up some sunrays on the shining beaches.

These are just some of the beautiful beaches Texas has to offer. Whether you travel across the nation or state or decide stay at home, we hope you have a fun and safe spring break.


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