Texas A&M Veritas Forum 2020 Presents: God, Science & Evolution


What is your purpose? Where did we come from? 

On Thursday, Feb. 20 at 7 p.m. at Rudder Theatre, Dr. S. Joshua Swamidass of Washington University at St. Louis’ Dept. of Pathology and Immunology and Dr. Michael J. Behe of Lehigh University’s Dept. of Biological Sciences will be debating these questions at the Veritas Forum 2020 event “God And/Or Evolution?” While both agree science and faith are non-conflicting, they disagree on how to view God’s activity through the lens of science.

The Veritas Forum is an event that has taken place at over 200 universities in the US and Europe since 1992. The idea is to engage campuses with discussions on the “big questions of life,” with the purpose of showing that the Christian worldview has something to say about these big questions — and to address that from an academic standpoint. 

“There’s a stereotype out there that Christians and their biology classes don’t mix,” says Dr. Micah J. Green, a faculty member of the Chemical Engineering department at Texas A&M,  “What’s interesting,” Green says, “is that while Swamidass and Behe are both Christians, they view the science of God’s role in the development of biological life very differently.”

Dr. Swamidass views life like Mount Everest: unlike any human design and without clear evidence that it required more than natural laws. Dr. Behe views biology like Mount Rushmore, with clear-cut evidence that a mind brought it into existence.

Dr. Green says that the purpose of this Veritas forum is to provide a place to think through these deeper issues. For Christians who attend, he suggests they think about how God is involved in the development of biological life. For those who are not of the Christian faith, Green hopes they realize that the question of “where did we come from?” is relevant to everyone. 

“There is more than one Christian view on how to interpret science,” says Green. “There is no wall between religion and science that should prevent them from talking to each other.” Green further states that Christians should recognize that, when it comes to questioning the origins of biological life, it’s okay to disagree. 

Veritas 2020 is a free event, but you do need to register. 

To learn more about this event and to register, visit bit.ly/tamuveritas2020


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