TEDx Blinn Campus


Founded well over thirty years ago with the simple mission of spreading ideas, TED conferences have grown to become a worldwide phenomenon, enlightening us all on topics ranging from biomedical engineering to social justice to history. Initially only available to a select group in one location, in 2006, the TED Talks video series gave access to anyone with an internet connection, and many of the videos went viral. But that wasn’t enough. It was clear the events themselves produced significant results, so the organization created TEDx, which brings TED’s format to neighborhoods across the world. Here in BCS, we’re now among the extremely privileged: At the Blinn College Student Center on Friday, May 17, starting at 1:00 p.m., TEDx is coming to us!

To prepare for the event, Blinn College put together a team packed full of passionate members, all of whom are full time instructors, coordinators, and administrators at Blinn. They have several TEDx events under their belts, and their speakers have exemplified TED’s mission of bringing new ideas into the world community through a diverse range of topics, from music to global health to artificial intelligence.

The conference will have a packed agenda full of varied and interesting topics: you’ll be able to listen to talks on how understanding history connects humans together, the unique power of performance in uniting its viewers, and the joy of researching outside the library. The speakers are equally as diverse; there will be a few familiar, local faces, but you’ll also be able to listen to the stories of historians, actresses, and strategists in the technology field. Tickets are free, but you must reserve them in advance through Blinn College’s Box Office.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to expand your world of ideas and support your locally operated TEDx community!

WEB: For more info and tickets, visit: http://www.tedxblinncollege.com/index.html


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