St. Paddy’s Day in Aggieland


Kiss me I’m Irish and pinch me till I’m pink, as Saturday March 17 is guaranteed to be a lovely day here in College Station, Texas. St Patrick’s Day weekend in Aggieland: it’s gonna be wild, it’s gonna be fun and it’s most definitely gonna be extremely green. This day is known for being celebrated nationwide with colorful parades, festivals and functions featuring fun Irish brew, cuisine and music.

Now alright Ags, it’s time to put up the maroon and don that ghastly bright color once again. St Patrick’s Day is the one day a year where everyone pretends to be Irish, even though (according to the U.S. Census Bureau) less than 15 percent of Brazos Valley residents actually claim Irish decent.

Grab some corned beef and cabbage and help to celebrate this cultural and religious holiday, which is held on the anniversary and death of the patron saint of Ireland. Originally born Maewyn Succat, he later changed his name to Patricius, a word deriving from the Latin term father figure. He came to Christianity and priesthood through some unorthodox experiences (such as being captured and enslaved by different pirates from different regions). However, it wasn’t until the Irish rebellion in 1798 that the color green officially became associated with this event. The Irish sang a song, “The Wearing of The Green” during the rebellion, proudly displaying the color. Thus the color green has forever been important and relevant throughout Irish history.

Luckily, the holiday falls into Texas A&M’s weeklong Spring Break. The whole city will still be partying it up in style, with students or without. Now, there are a multitude of events to go and check out this eventful weekend.

For my drinkers out there, the beer connoisseurs so to speak, there are a couple different spots that I would recommend checking out. Bar wise, I would say O’Bannon’s takes the cake, as this traditional Irish pub goes all out for their most beloved holiday. Known for throwing a fun multi-day festival, this establishment will be packed with kegs on kegs of green beer. A little way down the Northgate District, Carney’s Pub on College Station Ave will also be a lit and live place, as they too will have green beer and Irish munchies. Murphy’s Law in Downtown Bryan will also be stocked with traditional Irish Beers and Liquors, as they host their annual St Paddy’s Day Party.

However, the fun doesn’t end there. For those folks who are looking to get a little less rowdy, Cook ‘n Grow is hosting a Let’s Get Green for St Patrick’s Day class, where little ones can have the opportunity of learning their way around the kitchen, the green way! Even Painting with a Twist is offering a spirited St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Painting Art for all ages on the 17. Let your creative side come out if you’d rather spare your liver this year!

As one can see, there are many different options to choose from when trying to plan a fun St Paddy’s Day!


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