Spring Break Fails

Fast food meal

By Annabeth Reeb

The glorious one week break from day-long trips to the library is over, and students have flooded back to College Station with rested eyes, deep tans, and most importantly, a lot of stories. But the best stories are the ones that completely #fail. Here’s a few from students near you:

From the barefoot girl on campus: “Fell asleep on the beach and someone stole the Chacos off of my feet.”

From the one wearing a boot: “I broke my toe dancing and now I have to wear an orthopedic shoe for a month.”

From “The Hangover” part IV: “We went to the beach and lost one of our friends and found him like 4 hours later with a wedding party…”

From the innocent bystander: “Some guy in Cabo threw up from the 3rd floor balcony and hit a kid with the vomit. The mom is pressing charges.”

From the ‘college-kids-are-really-dumb-sometimes’: “We met a guy who fell off his hotel balcony and broke his arm so he had to wear a sling the rest of the trip.”

From the nearest hospital: “A group of 10 of us went to a cabin in the woods in Arkansas – basically no one around us for miles. My friend’s boyfriend brought three pretty rowdy guys, and the rowdiest of the bunch flipped off the balcony into the forest at like 1:00am the first night there.”

From the people that are really lucky that there are Aggies EVERYWHERE: “Our car broke down on the side of a highway bridge going into Mobile, Alabama and we had to call a tow truck… luckily about three different trucks full of Aggies stopped to help us.”

From the chronically hungry: “We were staying at an all inclusive resort and my roommate ordered 20 hamburgers and then proceeded to fall asleep. When the room service guys came with the sandwiches, I had to awkwardly pretend like we had a lot of people coming over.”

From the girl who needed backup: “I had a stranger pour an entire beer over my head because I accidentally splashed him when getting into the pool.”

No matter where you found yourself this Spring Break, whether in a cabin in the woods or just hanging out at home, we hope you had a better time than these Spring Break Fails!


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