Spring Break: Camping Tips and Tricks


Skipping out the beach trip and opting to camp this spring break? Here’s our guide to staying a happy camper while roughing it in the woods with friends. Regardless if you’ve been camping or not, this tips and ideas should be a good place to start.

Since Texas can’t make up it’s mind when it comes to the weather, pack for most or all seasons, because you don’t want to be roughing it the week that Texas decides to freeze over. To save space, pack things in plastic storage boxes–those big ones hiding in your garage can come in handy to stay organized and space savvy. Ziplock bags also come in handy, and you can use your coolers for storage after you’ve eaten all the food inside them.

What happens in the woods usually ends up not staying in the woods, so be prepared with a first aid kit stocked with everything you need. It’s also not a bad idea to bring some sunscreen and insect repellant for protection under the sun and by the campfire.

Don’t break the bank on your camping trip: pick up a cheap hanging shoe organizer to keep things off of your table and out of the way. It’s easy access to cooking utensils, sunscreen, and other necessities without having to clutter your already limited table space. Using an old sheet as a tablecover can save time and it won’t blow away like a typical tablecloth does.

Water jugs come in handy in many ways. Freeze your water jug instead of using ice that melts quickly in your cooler, and you can drink it later. Once you’re done with your jug, it can double as a lantern if you drop a glow stick or flashlight in it.

Camp life can be made easier when exploring simple but effective tips and tricks this Spring Break season. Get creative, use things multiple times, and enjoy the great Texas outdoors.


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