Shows at the Stafford


by Jordyn Smith

The Rotisserie Chickens   The Rotisserie Chickens,

Odd Folks   Odd Folks,

Corusco   and Corusco will be playing a show at the Grand Stafford Theatre on Friday November 13.

The Rotisserie Chickens are an eclectic band from Allen, a suburb about an hour north of Dallas. The group was formed from a mix of an indie folk band, some guys from a metal band, and a couple of guys who play the trumpet and trombone. The result was the Rotisserie Chickens. Made up of students at Texas A&M, each of the guys are incredibly talented. Members of the band include Michael Grover – a vocalist and trumpet player, Bradley Hastings – also a trumpet player, Alek Walker plays guitar, Colin Holmes plays bass, Derrick Fickle is the drummer, and Graham Houpt plays the trombone. The genre they play? Well it is a mix of punk and rock with a unique brass accompaniment.

Odd Folks will also be playing. To say the band is different is an understatement, these guys are proud to be different. The band is comprised of Nic Shields, Michael Martin, Marco Pisterzi, and Jacob. They got their start in a small ensemble music class and have developed from there. The band plays a mix of punk, indie, and post-hardcore rock. This sets them apart from your run-of-the-mill college bands. Along with the Rotisserie Chickens, they are a nice addition to the lineup.

Corusco is the third act on the bill for the Grand Stafford Theater. Described as an Indie, Post-Grad band, they bring a different vibe to the mix. They are self-described as “quiet, loud, and everything in between.” They are also a band that “is trying to find the balance between the joy and sorrow.”


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