Selena Gomez – Revival – Oct 9


Selena Gomez   Selena Gomez brings delivers a run-of-the-mill pop album with “Revival.” The 14-trackrecord is a nice addition to her previous work, and is an overall decent piece of work. That being said, only a couple songs really stand out well—the rest seem to fade away. A few songs on the album raise the question of “is she pulling a Taylor Swift and writing about her exes?” Unfortunately, Selena Gomez is not Taylor Swift and does not execute it as well. “Camouflage” is the best track on the album. With minimal auto-tune, the real Selena Gomez shines through. The song is also highly-relatable. If you are a Selena Gomez fan, you should enjoy this album. If you are not, you probably are not going to rush out to get this one.

Mayday Parade – Black Line   Mayday Parade – Black Lines – Oct 9

Mayday Parade is back with “Black Lines.” The band brings a great, well-rounded sound to the alternative genre. The 12-track album expertly displays the band’s many talents. Their ability to mix hard-rocking tracks with ballads showcases their natural talent. Each song stands out well on its own. The band clearly shied away (in a good way) from their “emo” impassioned yelps, seeing how they do not connect as well anymore. The band’s overall sound has matured greatly since their last album. On this release, there is a song for any listener’s mood. Want to rock out? Try “Keep In Mind, Transmogrification Is a New Technology.” Getting over a bad break-up? “Letting Go” is the ballad you may want to tune into. Overall the band has done a great job with “Black Lines.”

Toby Keith – 35 MPH Town   Toby Keith – 35 MPH Town – Oct 9

Toby Keith has brought his fans exactly what they expect: an American, drinking, good timing album with “35 MPH Town.” “Drunk Americans” attempts to bridge the gaps that drive all of us apart. For anyone, it is worth a listen, you may learn something. If you are a drinker (of legal age), especially a rum drinker, Toby Keith has brought you a theme song “Rum Is the Reason” – something that even Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud of. For those needing a classic break-up country song, Keith delivers with “Haggard, Hank, & Her.” If you grew up in a small town, you will connect with the title-track “35 MPH Town.” Keith also enlists the help of living-legend Jimmy Buffet on “Sailboat for Sale.” Overall, the record resonates stronger than his other recent releases.

Jon McLaughlin – Like Us   Jon McLaughlin – Like Us – Oct 9

For those who like Ben Rector and the singer/songwriter genre, Jon McLaughlin is someone you need to invest in ASAP. “Like Us” is a fantastically-written and produced album. His smooth vocals and complimentary accompaniment help make this album shine. The real winner on this release is the songwriting. Jon’s ability to convey different emotions and connect with his listeners is essential. To say the 11-track album is eclectic is an understatement. Each track stands out as its own piece of art. When he put these tracks together for this album, he really was able to put together a complete album, showcasing an extreme attention to detail.


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