SEAD Academy Summer Camp – Smart Home Competition


If your little genius is one of those kids that’s forever taking things apart (and hopefully putting them back together), it’s not too early to look into being a future engineer, innovator, or inventor. The SEAD Academy Camp is just the right place to do it. From June 24-28, the SEAD Academy Camp will be hosting their Smart Home Competition, an exciting opportunity for kids aged 11-14 to design and build their own smart house in an imaginary city. 

“The goal of SEAD Academy Summer program is to inspire students to become life-long, self-learners that are equipped to lead, producing lasting change in their community,” says Director of the SEAD Academy, Marie Marchand. 

The Academy offers several summer camps for kids in the Bryan/College Station area. Each camp has a different theme that will spark their creativity and teamwork and problem-solving skills. Throughout the week, the kids will work with their teammates to create miniature homes that are environmentally friendly and beautiful, learning how to collect and analyze data to create the most efficient homes.

The Smart Home Competition is the perfect opportunity to see if your child has a knack for engineering and innovation. “Campers are given the knowledge and tools necessary,” Marchand says, “to design and build an environmentally-friendly home that uses technology concepts related to the Internet of Things, respects certain design and building codes, and complies with a specific budget.”  

It’s all about teamwork, as the “student teams work together testing materials, designing layouts, calculating budgets, creating code to automate certain parts of their home, and decorating their home,” Marchand says. 

What better way to explore the world of building and meet new friends? It’s not too late to take a break from the summer heat and sign up for the SEAD Academy’s next exciting camp. This camp costs $100 per child and will take place at Advent GX from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There are a limited number of spots, so don’t hesitate to register. They’re sure to sell out quickly!

For more information and registration, please visit

Click here to watch this short video about Advent GX and the SEAD Academy’s Smart Home Competition,


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