Rosie the Riveter Statue Dedication


Rosie the Riveter represents all the hard-working women of World War II. Veterans Memorial and the National Honor Society of Daughters of the American Revolution are hosting an event for the dedication of a statue of Rosie the Riveter right here in College Station. The event will take place at the Veterans Memorial Park on December 7, at noon.

As history has been written, Rosie the Riveter represents every woman who worked extremely hard during WWII to keep the home front stable. Since the men were on the battlefield, women did jobs that were usually assigned to men. Pamela Marshall, regent of Bryan’s Come and Take It chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), gave some great insight into the meaning of this event and the plans they have for this amazing day.

“It’s has really galvanized lots of excitement for the Brazos Valley because its is an inspiration of today and tomorrow,” Marshall said.

In the official narrative written by Dr. Joe Dawson, PhD, he explained more about the meaning of the statue itself.

“Rosie the Riveter has been chosen to represent all the women who helped America win the war by managing the home front and working at jobs usually held by men so they could go off to fight,” Dawson said.

Three local chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution have worked with the Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial to raise funds for this important new project. The event will commemorate the history of WWII and all its glory. This will be the first statue of a woman at Veterans Memorial Park.

Marshall is extremely excited about such a significant symbol of history coming to the Brazos Valley. She was delighted to share the details of the event.

“The keynote speaker will be Lynn Forner Young, the Honorary President General of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution. She is the first Texan to run the DAR in its 127 year history,” Marshall said.  

The event will be filled with WWII veterans showing their pride. There will be big band music, which is a music genre that was popular during the 1940s. Rosies of all ages will be present as well. The first thing on the agenda is giving special recognition to all the WWII veterans and the real Rosies.

This monument is a recognition to all women of the Brazos Valley. Come out and join this amazing celebration and moment in history that will be forever with us.


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