Reasons to be Pretty


Finding out that something unorthodox was said about you can be difficult, but what if that something was said by someone you love? You can watch this drama unfold at The Hourglass Theatre Company’s adaption of “Reasons to be Pretty” by Neil LaBute.

The show is a contemporary comedy that explores a whirlwind of relationship issues, including betrayal and infidelity. The show follows the lives of Greg and his girlfriend Steph, but when Greg makes a seemingly harmless comment about Steph’s appearance, the information gets back to Steph and sends their relationship over the deep end. Greg’s life spirals out of control when Steph leaves him, which forces him to come to terms with what he has said. Greg’s best friend Kent is married to Steph’s best friend Carly, and, when things start collapsing in Steph and Greg’s life, Carly and Kent are pulled in for the ride. We see Greg, Steph, Carly and Kent deal with the pressures of what it means to be “pretty” and observe how the four friends manage the infidelity, betrayal and deceit that creep into their lives.

Artistic Director Maddie Becker and Technical Director Savannah Barrera are at the forefront of The Hourglass Theatre Company. The company is fairly new to the College Station area and to the community theatre scene. Their mission is to provide an accessible, relevant, and professional theatrical experience. They hope that their performances have positives effects on audiences members, causing them to think, to talk and to discover their own truths.

Work at The Hourglass Theatre Company is done on a volunteer basis, and most of the funding is out of pocket or through donations. With that, donations are a necessity. The company believes that money should not be a restriction when it comes to theatre, which is why all of their show tickets are pay what you can. Furthermore, all profits from their shows are donated entirely to a charity pertaining to the show.  

“Reasons to be Pretty” is currently the only show in the line-up for the company’s show season. Past seasons include Paul Downs Colaizzo’s “Really Really,” and Lucy Prebble’s “The Effect.”

You can catch performances, enjoy pizza and beer, and more on February 1 at 8 p.m., and February 3 and 4 at 7 p.m. at The Village Cafe in Downtown Bryan. Tickets are available at

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