Quibi: Bite-Sized Entertainment


Quibi is introducing a brand-new medium for the world of entertainment. Designed for busybodies and binge watchers alike, this app delivers “quick bite” episodes and series featuring the top celebrities across the world. In 10 minutes or less, these episodes can fit into a break at work, pass the time before an appointment, or entertain you at home. After a 2-week trial, it costs $4.99 for Quibi entertainment with ads or $7.99 without ads. Quibi releases new shows every week, and new episodes every day to satisfy your entertainment cravings. This app is created by Jeffrey Katzenberg, formally known for his role at Walt Disney Studios as chairman, and CEO Meg Whitman, who is known for her work as CEO of eBay. 

When signing up for the free trial, a pop-up informs the user they will be charged automatically after their trial. Following the sign up process, Quibi automatically puts popular and new shows on the feed. This way, the user can get to watching new content without feeling lost or left out. 

With the shorter length, it’s hard to imagine getting invested in a story that ends after 10-15 short episodes. While there are no such series like Grey’s Anatomy with 16 seasons, this is the vision of this new to the film world medium—entertainment users can enjoy in small increments. And after all, drama is drama, so the length does nothing to curb our desire to find out what happens next.  

The app is also new to smartphones this year, so there are naturally some bug fixes that need to be addressed, but the Quibi customer service team responds very quickly when a customer reports an issue or concern with the app. While there may be some adjustments to be made with this brand new app, the potential for this new world of shows is exciting. 

Quibi can be downloaded from the App Store as well as the Google Play store. 

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