Piranha Fitness Studio: Virtual Edition


If you’re looking for a way to mix up your at-home workouts during this quarantine, try a virtual workout class! In the midst of our “new normal,” Piranha Fitness Studio is offering a variety of live virtual workout classes like yoga, kickboxing, HIIT and even cycling to help keep you achieving those fitness goals while at home. 

Piranha Fitness Studio is a fun, fit and friendly gym that supports your fitness journey by providing quality equipment and instructors to hit all your goals. Owner Lindsay Greening says it’s been an interesting experience transitioning to virtual classes, but the overall response has been great. “We’re doing live classes through Zoom, Instagram and Facebook,” Greening continues. “It’s been quite an adjustment, but I think people are so thankful for anything they can get right now.” 

The studio is still offering all the same classes prior to going virtual like Megaformer, Megaweights, Yoga, Cycle, and even Yoga.  “We’re trying to offer everything we did in the studio,” says Greening. “We’re doing short express videos as well as full length videos.” 

If you don’t have a gym membership with the studio, no worries. There are many classes available for non-members to join like the daily drop-ins. “We opened it up for people to purchase drop-ins to the virtual classes,” Greening says. “We also did a partnership with A&M where we serve the faculty and staff, and we’re still serving them virtually as well.”

Although the studio will be reopening on May 26, Greening states there are some new guidelines set in place to assure the safety of clients. She continues, “Our occupancy will be lower. We’re not going to open with full occupancy, in order to abide by social distancing rules. Our clients are guaranteed to be at a minimum of 6 feet away from everybody. We are also mandating masks in the studio and opening with longer gaps in between our classes for extra sanitation.”

Greening is excited to get back to her active lifestyle at work and reconnect with her clients after this quarantine. “We’re all active people at the studio,” Greening says, “so we’re used to always sweating, working out and living on an adrenaline high. It’s also been rewarding for me to be able to get my team back into the studio and working again.”

Believing it’s super important right now to focus on connecting with their clients, the Piranha Studio team is not only setting up COVID protection policies, but is looking at the emotional side of things as well. Greening says, “A major topic that my staff and I are talking about is how can we make people feel special and important from a human to human point when we reopen. Every single person will be recognized coming in and out. We’re all missing that human contact during quarantine so that will be exciting.” 

For Greening’s team,  it’s been rewarding to see how well they have come together to work during a moment like this. “I think having everything taken away from underneath your feet makes you realize that you are not in control as much as you think you are,” Greening says. “The effort our team has put in together for our clients has been unbelievable. Everybody came together and worked as a group.”

The studio is offering classes seven days a week through their online booking portal that includes many daily drop-in offers. So put on your sneakers, grab a workout towel, and get ready to sweat it out! Check out all Piranha can do for you at https://www.piranhafitnessstudio.com/


Lindsay Greening, Owner lindsaygreening@gmail.com 


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