Photomath — an App that makes Math as easy as Pi


There is no worse experience than feeling your brain turn to mush after staring at a math equation for one hour too many. We’ve all felt the cold beads of sweat form on furrowed brows only to be confused once again. Fortunately, Photomath — the App Store’s current number one rated education application — is here to tackle your biggest equations and also to change the way we learn and understand math on the go. By just taking a picture of, or typing in, an equation or set of math problems, Photomath can provide solutions and explanations that walk you step-by-step through your toughest math conundrums. And it’s not just for those who struggle with math. The app can handle calculus as easily as regular arithmetic. According to the description on the App Store: “Photomath is and will always be free to use.” Download it today to “…check homework and study for upcoming tests and ACTs/SATs with the most used math education app on the planet.”


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