Personalized Winter Accessories


Personalized Winter Accessories   By Adrianna Zampieri

‘Tis the season for beanies, blanket scarves, and warm woolen mittens. Winter accessories are a must for keeping warm in the upcoming months, but don’t settle for plain and boring fabrics – kick it up a notch and make them your own.

Scarves are both functional and fashionable. They’re a great addition to any outfit and keep your neck protected from the cool, brisk air. Luckily, there’s a quick and easy tutorial for making your own blanket scarf, and don’t worry – there’s no sewing involved. You only need two yards of 100% cotton flannel fabric, 44 inches wide, a pair of fabric scissors, and a stitch ripper. All of this can be bought at your local fabric or craft store, and don’t forget to check for sales or coupons.

After you have gathered your materials, use your scissors to straighten both short ends of your two yards of flannel. Then with the stitch ripper, again on the short ends of your fabric, rip the first few threads running horizontal in your material. Continue ripping the threads until you have an inch or two of fringe left over. Now you’re done! Wrap it around your neck and brave the outdoors.

If you’d like, whip out a sewing needle and thread and attach some bells or mini ornaments to the ends of your scarf, too, in the spirit of the holidays. But don’t stop there. Find your beanies and cover them with snowflakes, or use a glue gun to add a strip of red and green ribbon around the hem. Use fabric paint to swirl your own designs around the hat.

Children and younger siblings can also take part in the fun. Buy felt, buttons, and other crafty things in a plethora of fun colors to decorate a pair of mittens. Which sounds more fun: a pair of boring, blue mittens or a pair of blue mittens that looks like a dinosaur? Even make a pair of cat mittens as a funny gift for your cat-obsessed friend. Let your inner-child reign free.

Personalized Winter Accessories2

Whatever accessories you end up wearing to protect your skin against the cooler temperatures, make them unique with your own personal touch.


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