Pentatonix – Pentatonix Oct. 16


Pentatonix – Pentatonix   Fan-favorite Pentatonix has released their self-titled album’s deluxe edition. The band’s incredible ability to harmonize shines through, as the album has an eclectic mix of melodies and vibes. From upbeat tracks like “Na Na Na” to bluesy tracks like “Can’t Sleep Love,” their ability to mix it up shows why they have had a spike in popularity. Each singer’s ability is showcased in this 17-track album. They took a creative leap by releasing an album comprised of originals, a risk because Pentatonix is known for the creative covers of hit tracks. With this release, they have taken their same energetic passion and elevated it. To close it out, they included three covers for their faithful listeners.

Hailey Whitters – Black Sheep   Hailey Whitters – Black Sheep October 2

Carnival Music recording artist Hailey Whitters delivers her first full-length album with the release of “Black Sheep.” In the age of pop-country, Whitters veers in the opposite direction, leaning more towards the styles of Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe. Her 10-track album mixes high-rock country songs with traditional ballads. She kicks it up a notch with “Long Come to Jesus,” “Heartbreaker,” and “Pocket Change.” Then she brings it back level with “Late Bloomer” and “Low All Afternoon.” The title track “Black Sheep” brings out the rebel in us all, and the record as a whole is a nice break from the pop-country format. With great prospects and what looks to be a bright future ahead of her, Hailey Whitters provides a great listen with “Black Sheep.”

Demi Lovato – Confident   Demi Lovato – Confident Oct. 16

Lovato comes straight out of the gate with the title track on this release. This hard-hitting anthem shows a new side to Lovato and helps set the tone and theme for the rest of the album. The 15-track album showcases a great deal of maturity in Lovato’s music. Her passion is unwavering with each track delivering exceptionally well and her incredible vocal talent is at the forefront of this album. The eclectic mix of melodies and instrumentation helps this album come together well, adding to the fact that Lovato has out-done herself with this release.

Bronze Radio Return – Light Me Up   Bronze Radio Return – Light Me Up Oct. 16

Bronze Radio Return releases “Light Me Up,” a 10-track album that showcases the band’s take on the Alternative genre. They have elements of electronic, rock, and funk infused into this record, and the result is a unique collection of tracks. They mix more upbeat tracks with “Light Me Up” with more laid-back tracks like “Nowhere to Be.” Overall, if you have not heard of this band before and are looking for something new, Bronze Radio Return is your answer. Their ability to showcase their talents and connect make this a band you need to listen to.


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