Netflix Review: Walt Disney Animated Studios Short Films Collection


Walt Disney Animated Studios Short Films Collection

By Adrianna Zampieri

Everyone’s favorite Disney Shorts have made their way to Netflix. The “Walt Disney Animated Studios Short Films Collection” brings together 12 entertaining stories that feature not only captivating storylines, but mesmerizing animation and catchy music as well. It presents to the viewer a wide variety of shorts to enjoy: some comedic, some intense, and some that might bring tears to your eyes.

The classic Disney character “Goofy” returns in his silly short “How to Hook Up Your Home Theater.” Watching Goofy set up his new home theater is hilariously relatable, especially when he deals with bulky cables and a plethora of remotes. Favorite modern-day Disney princesses also return. “Tangled Ever After” and “Frozen Fever” are follow-ups to the blockbuster hits, and beloved characters such as Pascal the chameleon and Olaf the snowman return.

But that’s not all. New characters are introduced. There’s a clock with attitude in “Tick Tock Tale,” a loch ness monster searching for a home in “The Ballad of Nessie,” and a cat dancing the tango with its tail in “Lorenzo.” This collection also features two Oscar winners, “Paperman” and “Feast.” All 12 shorts are a testament to Disney’s talented filmmakers and animators.


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