Netflix Review: The Lazarus Effect


The Lazarus Effect   By Adrianna Zampieri

Set in a Frankenstein-esque laboratory, complete with its very own electricity – producing lever, “The Lazarus Effect” attempts to combine science and the supernatural.

Frank and Zoe are medical researchers dedicated to finding a serum to help assist the healing process of coma patients; however, it turns out that the Lazarus serum can bring the dead back to life. But what’s the consequence of such a feat when the concepts of religion, souls, and the afterlife are brought into play? In true cliché fashion, the result of these elements mixed together is a horror film defined by a science experiment gone wrong.

The first 30 minutes of the film are purely for the sake of exposition. It’s only after that first half hour that things start to get a little freaky, but even then, there are lulls between the plot advancements that will have you checking the time to see how much of the movie is left. Granted, there are a few successful thrills and twists that will keep you interested, such as the shocking and unexpected ending, but most of what you see are cheap and predictable scares. Flickering lights seem to be the favored party trick in this film.

“The Lazarus Effect” has an interesting concept that, if fully developed, could be truly successful; however, it fails in execution. It is worth a watch though if you’re a fan of a demonic Olivia Wilde.


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