Netflix Review: People Places Things


People Places Things

By Adrianna Zampieri

First impressions are the most important kind, and the opening credits of “People Places Things” doesn’t disappoint. The quirky introduction sets the mood for the rest of the film; it promises something joyful, something miserable, and something life changing.

“People Places Things” focuses on the recently single Will Henry, a graphic novelist and professor, as he attempts to wade through the waters of a bad breakup while caring for his twin daughters, Clio and Colette. The trials and tribulations of parenthood are nothing to scoff at as Will tries to find his footing in this new world where his ex is marrying the man she cheated with, his kids are desperate for some stability, and his student is the one teaching him a lesson.

Unlike most Hollywood romances, there’s no insta-love here when Will meets a woman who could just be his next committed relationship. Instead, it’s a (mostly) realistic portrayal of a real adult relationship: lingering emotions, mixed communications, and personal growth. There are no games and no lies. Rather, “People Places Things” is filled with awkward moments, sassy children, and brutal honesty about what it takes to move forward and start the next chapter of your life.


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