Netflix Review: iZombie


iZombie   By Adrianna Zampieri

Adapted from a DC comic, “iZombie” takes a bite out of pop culture’s current obsession—but it’s not like every other shambling undead story. Combining “Law & Order” crime drama and brain-hungry monsters, “iZombie” goes where no other zombie hoard has gone before.

Olivia “Liv” Moore was human; however, after a particular disastrous event, she’s now a member of the undead. Once a doctor helping the living, she now spends her days working among the dead as an assistant medical examiner in the city morgue. Her new diet of brains allows Liv to experience a person’s memories, which certainly comes in handy when there’s a murder to solve. Joining forces with her boss, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, and Detective Clive Babinaux, she helps bring justice to those who were wronged.

Zombie Liv may have lost her dream of being a doctor when she turned into the undead, but it’s not all doom and gloom as she tries to find her new meaning in her post-mortem life. It’s a mix of comedy, wit, and zombie-puns galore topped with just a dash of gore. Each episode offers a fast-paced, crime-solving adventure that keeps the viewer glued to their screen and falling in love with the characters; they’re entertaining, charming, and surprisingly relatable considering the circumstances.

In short, “iZombie” explores what it means to be an undead among the living, and apparently it means drowning brains in hot sauce because that’s the only thing that makes them edible.


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