Netflix Review: Home



By Adrianna Zampieri

Everyone needs someplace they belong, a home, and Oh is looking for his. “Home” is a DreamWorks animated movie full of humor that both children and adults can enjoy.

Oh is a misfit amongst his own species called the Boov, “the best species ever at running away” and hiding from their enemy, the planet-destroying Gorg. They make Earth their new home, taking over the planet and relocating the humans to Happy Humanstown, but after a careless, well-meaning error, Oh alerts the entire galaxy to the Boov’s new home, putting them in danger.

Now a fugitive, Oh forms an unlikely friendship with preteen Tip and her calico cat Pig, helping her find her mom after they were separated during the human’s relocation. Along the way, they learn about their differences and discover the true meaning of the word “home.”

Jim Parsons is the voice actor for Oh, and it’s hard to not draw similarities between the little, purple alien and Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory.” Oh’s speech patterns, though grammatically incorrect in the most adorable manner, are reminiscent of Sheldon, but Oh is most certainly more friendly.

A fast-paced film with twists and turns that will keep you captivated every step of the way, “Home” can be appreciated by all ages, and it might just become a family movie night favorite.


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