Netflix Review: Degrassi: Next Class


Degrassi Next Class

By Adrianna Zampieri

Who else remembers the early golden years of “Degrassi: The Next Generation” before it slowly crumbled into a subpar imitation of earlier seasons? Netflix remembered, so they tried their hand at “Degrassi: Next Class.” Normally Netflix exceeds expectations with their original series; however this time, they failed. Horribly.

This new class brings a host of new teens to the screen, and there’s every stereotype you can image: the rich kid, the nerd, the geek, the singer, the goth, the pill popper, the drug dealer, the social activist, the bad boy. Given the variety of personalities, you’d think there’d be a little depth to these kids, but all the characters are disappointingly one-dimensional.

Netflix also attempts to bring in current social issues into each episode, attempting serious discussions about addiction, sexuality, and violence, yet it falls flat. With all of the overdramatized situations and constant teenage angst, it’s exhausting to watch. The plot tries too hard, but the actors don’t try hard enough.

All in all, “Degrassi: Next Class” missed the mark on what could have been something truly successful if Netflix had decided personal depth was more important than excessive drama.


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