Netflix: “American Horror Story: Freak Show”


american-horror-story   By Adrianna Zampieri

Fans of “American Horror Story” are probably still reeling from last week’s season five bloody premiere, and watching these familiar actors might have made you feel a nostalgic yearning for the characters of past seasons. You’re in luck. Netflix now has all of the previous seasons available for viewing now that they’ve added “American Horror Story: Freak Show” to their collection.

As the fourth season of the series, “Freak Show” had a lot to live up to. How could it possibly top a malicious haunted house, a demented insane asylum, and a coven of ruthless witches? Set in Jupiter, Florida, “Freak Show” follows the lives of the members of one of the last performing freak shows as they encounter violence, betrayal, and a murderous clown.

Jessica Lange, a staple in the “American Horror Story” franchise, plays Elsa Mars, a German expatriate that runs the show and harbors a dark secret. She provides, once again, a stellar performance; however, the German accent was mediocre at best. “Freak Show” also brings new, incredible talent to the set. Finn Wittrock is cast in a role that requires him to depict a spoiled, emotionally stunted, sociopathic character. He kills it (pun intended).

Although “Freak Show” showcases quite a few gifted actors, there are some glaring problems. Many actors are cast in roles similar to ones of previous seasons, thus creating a sense of monotony. As a result of presenting more than several different storylines, there doesn’t seem to be an actual main plotline. And, with the exception of the murderous clown, it’s really not that scary. You’ll either love “Freak Show” or hate it.


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