MSC OPAS presents Post Secret


Post Secret

By Evan Flores

Anonymity grants people the opportunity to reveal their true colors and reveal their deepest secrets. One famous art project puts them on display for all to see.

This February, MSC OPAS is bringing “PostSecret: The Show” to Rudder Theater as a part of their spring series of events. “PostSecret” is an art project that is uniquely continuous; people anonymously mail in their secrets to the project on a notecard. Founder Frank Warren began the project through his blog, and since then has become a stage show. “PostSecret: The Show” has gained fame in communities across the nation as people share their most intimate secrets and help raise millions of dollars for suicide prevention charities.

Using projected images and audio, three actors from the show will narrate and guide the audience through a number of secrets submitted by the audience and on their website. These secrets range from funny quirks about people to deeper, more personal subjects dealing with things like sexuality, death, grief, and many more topics. The goal of the show is to remind audience members that they are not alone in their struggles with their respective issues, and that others experience the same tribulations life can bring.

“PostSecret: The Show” coming to Texas A&M provides a unique opportunity for attendees, especially as it connects them to people close and far, said Maura Lytle, Director of Back of House Operations with MSC OPAS.

“It’s really cool to see because its secrets submitted from people here and all over,” said Lytle. “It creates a judgment-free zone where people can get off their chest what they need to say and others that are experiencing the same can relate to that.”


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