Movie Review: Uncharted


Uncharted is a classic action-adventure comedy with some of America’s favorite heartthrobs, Marky Mark and Tom Holland. Sully, a treasure hunter played by Mark Walberg, teams up with a witty kid, Nathan Drake, played by Tom Holland. The two set out to find the treasure that’s been lost for over 500 years. To do so, the duo must put on a major heist, travel the world and fight off other treasure hunters. 

Here’s what you should know before watching. First, the movie is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Apple TV, and Google Play Movies. Second, Uncharted is rated PG-13 and is mostly kid-friendly other than some adult language, but it is not extremely harsh language. Third, the movie is based on the original video game, Uncharted. But you don’t need prior knowledge of the video game to understand the story.  

The movie is an interesting watch and a well- made adventure movie. The writing is witty, intriguing and the overall film is fun to watch. Uncharted is upbeat and adventurous. However, I would not put this on a “must-watch” list by any means. The plot is not extremely well developed and jumps around more than necessary. One minute the goal is to find an egg that is a clue; the next, they search the catacombs in Europe. The characters need so many items to get to the treasure that you forget they’re actually looking for treasure.

Despite the critiques, this movie is an entertaining watch as Mark Walberg and Tom Holland have excellent character chemistry and engage the audience very well. If you have kids or just want to go to the movies for a fun date night, this is a great one to see.  


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