Movie Review: “The Boss Baby: Family Business”


America’s favorite secret agent returns to the big screen and on Peacock through the latest movie in The Boss Baby series, “Family Business.” With Alec Baldwin as the voice behind the cute but ambitious toddler, Theodore Lindsey “Ted” Templeton Jr, fans will be sure to fall in love with this animated sequel that is both playful and action-packed.  

Older brother Tim (voiced by James Marsden) and black-suited Ted are back in business. 40 years into the future from the last film, Tim is living the ideal family life with a wife and two seemingly normal daughters. With former boss baby Ted all grown up as a successful CEO who is rarely around the family, things suddenly feel like the past when Tim discovers that his youngest daughter, Tina, (voiced by Amy Sedaris) is a Boss Baby just like his younger brother Ted once was. Though against Tim’s wishes, Tina lures Ted to the Templeton household to rally for a secret mission from BabyCorp. The boys are back this time with a little help from Tina and a special formula that turns them back into babies for one more adventure—but making it a whole family affair this time around. 

Just like any other DreamWorks animated film, “Family Business” lives up to the studio’s brand of eccentricity and creative plots that are, quite frankly, unique from anything else in theaters. But nonetheless it’s a sequel, so you begin to wonder if they’re running out of ideas as the movie is practically a copy of the first but with fewer strings attached. It’s pretty one dimensional with no complicated structure, making it easy to follow. Just make sure you don’t watch them back to back unless you want to feel like you’ve watched the exact same movie twice. 

You can’t help but wish your time as a toddler was as adventurous as one of a Boss Baby. Underneath all the cuteness and secret agent antics, the movie does a wonderful job in conveying one all important theme that has kept most people afloat during these weird times in our world: family.

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