Movie Review: “Scream 5”


To all of the “Scream” franchise lovers, have you had a chance to watch the newest movie release – “Scream 5”

Catch up with your favorite original characters from the first film such as Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox), Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich), and Dewey Riley (David Arquette). The new main characters in this film – including the talented Jenna Ortega playing Tara Carpenter – follow the same plot as the original slasher movie. Of course, nothing is ever going to compare to the iconic “Scream,” but this film did a great job of keeping the same tone and plot line while still being entertaining. The classic whodunit situation keeps the audience guessing as the story progresses – similar to the original. The mesh of old and new characters adds a fun twist to the film. The franchise’s self-awareness holds true in this “requel.” 

If you’ve seen any of the “Scream” movies, you know that it can get quite gory. There’s no exception to this version. In a movie that is centered around Ghostface, who loves to stab his victims, you could probably guess that there’s going to be screaming and blood splattering in nearly every scene. 

Watching the “Scream” franchise isn’t a prerequisite to understanding what’s going on in the plot. It’s just more fun if you know who the original characters are. But if you don’t, it’s really no big deal. The film does allude to a lot of things that happened in the original, however. The same house that the killings happened in is featured at the end, and the first movie is shown playing as the new characters point out “how stupid” someone was for not knowing how to survive in the franchise. 

All in all, it’s a fun watch for those that grew up loving the original slasher film. It doesn’t claim to be as iconic, but it’s just a way to get the original characters on the screen for nostalgia. As they said in the movie, there’s no “Halloween” without Jamie Lee Curtis, and the same goes for “Scream.” 


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