Movie Review: Same Kind of Different as Me


If you plan on seeing this film at the theatres, be sure to take some tissues, because this

faith-themed movie will tug your heart and your emotions. This tearjerker film is based on an autobiographical memoir written by Ron Hall, Alexander Foard and Michael Carney. “Same Kind of Different as Me” is about a wealthy Texas couple, Ron and Debbie Hall, who have a call to befriend Denver, a violent homeless man.

Greg Kinnear stars as Ron Hall, a Texas art dealer, whose perspective on life is changed significantly by his wife. In a deteriorating marriage, Debbie convinces Ron to commit acts of selfless service to their community. She convinces him to accompany her in volunteering at an inner-city shelter to feed the homeless. At the shelter they meet Denver (Djimon Hounsou), a former sharecropper, who teaches the privileged couple the meaning of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“Same Kind of Different as Me” highlights the humble acts of charity, kindness, and forgiveness. The relationship between Ron, Debbie and Denver is unusual and creates a strong juxtaposition between their different social and economic statuses. Although the story is true and inspirational in it’s own way, it is also very sad. You would expect that the characters are able to achieve more than they sought to do. However, in reality, life doesn’t always work in your favor, and this movie relays that message through the personal development of Ron and Denver. Guess you can say it’s another one of those typical cliché old-fashioned Christian film.


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