Movie Review Netflix’s Wild Wild Country


If you missed the chance to tear through Netflix’s Creative Arts Emmy Award Winning docuseries, “Wild Wild Country” along with the rest of the world during its debut back in March of 2018, the current situation presents a unique opportunity for everyone to understand what all the fuss was about. 

This six-part docuseries has a whopping combined runtime of 400 minutes. Every second is more riveting than the last as it follows the controversial and violent story of Indian guru Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, his assistant Ma Anand Sheela and their cult community of believers as they travel from India to build their religious community of Rajneeshpuram in the ranchlands of Wasco County, Oregon. 

The story delves into the lives of the elusive leader Rajneesh and several former members, especially the tumultuous relationship between the Rajneesh community and the Native Oregonians as they struggle to hold on to their way of life and community safety. 

So, whether you’re stuck inside with a group of friends, or just chilling on the couch with your favorite pup, plop down and press play on “Wild Wild Country,” a docuseries sure to satisfy that bingeworthy itch during this time at home.


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