Movie Review: Netflix’s “Holiday in the Wild”


If you’re ready to make the jump from Halloween to Christmas, you may want to check out Netflix’s new release, “Holiday in the Wild.” Though it’s not totally a Christmas movie as you’d expect with a title like “Holiday in the Wild,” it does serve as the perfect segway from Halloween into the heavy holiday season.

“Holiday in the Wild” takes place in the beautiful Zambia safari. The story revolves around the sad reality of elephant tusk poachers and an elephant rescue. Kristen Davis plays Kate, a slightly high strung New Yorker who rediscovers her passion for helping animals. Rob Lowe plays Derek, the at first prickly loner who eventually reveals himself to be the charming, heart of gold type. The relationship between the two begins with classic misconceptions that are quickly disproved and move into the inevitable romance. 

The film could benefit from a little more character and relationship development, as well as more subtle transitions in plot lines. It also contains very little conflict, which can keep audiences from staying invested. However, what the film lacks in development, it makes up for with many images of cute elephants. The movie tells a story of self discovery and letting go. It reminds viewers that life can be overwhelming or frustrating and that it’s okay to take a break from reality. “Holiday in the Wild” is a bit predictable, but overall is heartwarming. After watching it, you’ll likely be ready to book your one-way flight to Africa!


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