Movie Review: “Malcolm and Marie”


“Malcolm and Marie” is a Netflix original movie that was released in February and made it to the Top 10. Unlike most films into today’s day and age, the movie is solely in black and white. 

The movie revolves around Malcolm Elliot (John David Washington) and his girlfriend Marie (Zendaya). Malcolm is a writer and director, and the whole plot of the movie revolves around the aftermath of his movie debut. Malcolm and Marie return home from the movie screening and an argument begins as Marie questions why Malcolm did not thank her in his speech at the premiere.  Convinced as she is that the main character of Malcolm’s film is based on her own life, Marie begins an argument that feeds on both characters’ insecurities and issues, at times becoming dangerous as they both balance on the edge of a knife. 

There is something that feels wrong but right about this movie. Malcolm and Marie fight with each other because they both have a large ego. They scream, they curse and are hard headed about their feelings. The acting is done so well and the emotions are so raw from both characters that the reality of the relationship feels very relatable. There’s no denying that even though the couple struggles, they have a strong love for each other and support each other when needed. 

Overall, “Malcolm and Marie” is revealing. The movie demonstrates the good, bad and ugly of relationships and exemplifies that listening to each other is what makes a relationship work. One has to be willing to put away insecurities and listen to have effective and hard conversations. 

“Malcolm and Marie”  is rated R due to explicit language and contains descriptions of drug abuse and addiction. This movie would be  perfect to watch with your significant other or a night in with the girls. 


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