Movie Review: Love, Simon


The romantic comedy, or rom com, genre is an extremely popular type of film that consists of a love story told in light-hearted and amusing fashion. Often these movies consist of a guy and a girl falling in love while major catastrophes occur in their lives, disrupting the relationship in a humorous way. With a few exceptions, it usually works out in the end. But while rom coms are very trendy, there are few widely known rom coms that focus on same-sex couples.

“Love, Simon” follows Simon on his journey of coming out, if you can call it coming out, while also falling for a fellow high school student he has never met. In fact, Simon does not even know his true identity.

While online one afternoon, Simon spots an anonymous post from a person claiming to be a student as Simon’s high school. The poster, Blue, claims to be gay, but cannot come out in public. Simon emails Blue under his own code name, and the two bond over their situations, until Simon is discovered and blackmailed. This leads to further complications for both Simon and Blue as Simon’s entire world crashes around him.

“Love, Simon” is a truly special movie. Not only does it represent a community that is often underrepresented in this genre, but it is also a beautifully told story. The writing and production is beautifully done. Nick Robinson, who plays Simon, sells his performance, and audiences can feel the emotions of the title character.  The Greg Berlanti-directed film didn’t shy away from difficult situations, and they were handled perfectly.

I highly recommend watching “Love, Simon.” It’s an entertaining film that can offer a little perspective, which never hurts.


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