Movie Review: Logan


“Logan” hit theaters on March 3 and has made its way to number one in the hearts of many old fans and new ones of the X-Men Series in a short period of time. Director James Mangold pulled inspiration from many old classics as he created what is supposedly the last of the Wolverine movies.

No worries: Hugh Jackman is back as the Wolverine, but this film throws a twist on the iconic comic that many have followed through its evolving stages of life on the big screen.

Accompanying Jackman for the first time are notable characters such as Professor Charles Xavier and for the first time, a little girl named Laura (Dafne Keen). The girl, who is a mutant with powers like the Wolverine himself, is being hunted, but she can take care of herself, as she continuously tries to prove. Begrudgingly, the Wolverine not only takes care of her, but also the ailing Professor Xavier. Throughout the film, Logan holds to his history of taking care of others, though the odds continuously stack up against him as he hits obstacle after obstacle.

Be aware: this movie is gritty, bloody, and explicit in its language, earning it an R rating. Die-hard fans of the franchise will herald this as the Wolverine as he was meant to be, and Jackman delivers an incredible performance of an angry but resilient Logan.

“Logan” is definitely one that loyal Wolverine fans will be first in line to see, but don’t fret if you’re not an old fashioned comic book lover: it’s worthy of the screen time regardless of your knowledge of the backstory. While hard to watch in some aspects, the film comes to a satisfying close as the end credits roll.


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