Movie Review: La La Land


La La Land, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, is a breathtaking film full of jazz, quirky characters, and dazzling musical numbers. The movie begins with an extravagant musical introduction that may have the audience wondering what exactly they have gotten themselves into. The introduction is upbeat and colorful but truthfully has nothing to do this the rest of the movie.

Alternating perspectives allow viewers to follow the lives of both a struggling actress and a struggling musician. Over a year, they find love and the drive to follow their dreams despite the obstacles that go along with their far-fetched goals. The movie represents a battle between love, ambition, and trying to make it in ‘la la land,’ or, more precisely, Los Angeles. Sacrifices are made and dreams are out of reach, but life goes on with or without, for engaging main characters, Mia and Sebastian.

“La La Land” also received huge accolades at the Golden Globes, taking home major awards such as “Best Motion Picture” for a comedy or musical, “Best Original Score.” Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling both snagged best performance by an actress and actor. All together, “La La Land” took home seven Golden Globes.

Our expectations for the future make it difficult to dream big, but overcoming those difficulties is key to doing exactly what you always dreamed of, a prevalent theme throughout this larger-than-life film. La La Land is not the movie for someone who does not enjoy musicals, but if you enjoy an upbeat musical and feel-good movies, this is a great choice. “La La Land” will have you talking about it long after the closing scene.

“La La Land” is rated PG-13.


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