Movie Review: Get Out


This spring, another movie has taken the theaters and swept the box office. Director and writer Jordan Peele released horror/mystery film “Get Out” last month and it has been receiving quite a lot of attention. For the two weeks it has been in theaters, audiences have been stunned, mystified and amazed by a different and riddling movie.

Female lead Rose (Allison Williams) takes boyfriend Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) to meet her parents at a middle-of-nowhere bungalow upstate. He soon understands he is not safe amongst them and attempts to escape when the girl he thought he knew so well turns against him.

Peele has combined racial issues with an illustrious plot to yield a movie that is both satirical and chilling. Composer Michael Abels has placed the typical horror movie music in specific scenes to foreshadow the twist with an eerie feel. However, no amount of foreshadowing can prepare for one shocking revelation after another.

Williams and Kaluuya execute their lines to perfectly embody a nervous boyfriend and a sweet girlfriend turned wicked. Their acting also helps to satirize the theme of racial discrimination and veer the story to that about a plotting and strange family. The mix of a compelling plot with cinematography makes for a unique addition to the horror genre.
Take a night off to watch the story audiences have been raving about, and scaring boyfriends around the country. Grab a partner to hold on to and pay a visit to an upstate suburban household. Though don’t worry, the theater exits are always open.


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