Movie Review: Game Night


For competitive people such as myself, game nights are a chance to prove your worth. From trivia to Pictionary, only the strongest can survive. But what happens when a friendly game night turns not so friendly, and a simple murder mystery party turns deadly?

“Game Night” follows Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams), husband, wife and game night extraordinaires. The duo is joined by close friends and married couple Kevin (Lamorne Morris) and Michelle (Kylie Bunbury), and Ryan (Billy Magnussen) and his newest date Sarah (Sharon Horgan) for their weekly game night. However, this time the evening is hosted by Max’s older brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler), who is in trouble for his actions within the black market. What was meant to be a fun evening of Scrabble and charades quickly turns into a manhunt, as Max and his friends attempt to save his brother’s life.

The writers are the real MVPs in “Game Night.” From hilarious one liners to an incredibly funny series of events, the audience is laughing from start to finish. The entire cast delivered exception performances, making for great chemistry on screen and adding depth to the film. Production levels were out of this world, adding to the experience unfolding on the screen.  

This movie is by far one of the funniest you will see this year. While “Game Night” is rated R, it’s mostly for language, sexual references and some violence, all of which is used as comedic relief. I highly encourage you to head to the movie theater as soon as possible.


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