Movie Review: “Free Guy”


“Free Guy” features one of the wackiest plots in recent memory, and that wackiness translates into a viewing experience filled with fun and laughs. Shawn Levy directs a visually compelling film with Ryan Reynolds leading the way with his signature humor in the role of the main character, Guy.

Guy is a bank teller in an online, open-world game titled “Free City,” and it’s taken the world by storm. Guy’s childlike innocence creates scenes that’ll leave you laughing long after the movie has ended. The game’s filled with characters programmed to go about their daily lives, while real people create their own characters and use them in the game. When Guy accidentally gains the perspective of the real players, he gains free will and changes the dynamic of the game. Yes, it’s as nutty as it sounds, but that’s part of the fun. 

When the publisher of the game, Antwan, played by Taika Waititi, notices the attention Guy is getting, he makes it his mission to shut the game down. While Antwan is the antagonist, his wannabe hipster character is one of the most memorable aspects of the movie. As much as he makes you hate him, you can’t get enough of him. And meanwhile, Guy fights to keep the game alive so he can keep the many friends he has met throughout his journey. 

The creators of the movie realize the plot isn’t meant to be taken too seriously, and use that as an excuse to bend some conventional movie rules. With this goofy plot, however, some scenes tend to be a bore with how unnecessary they feel, and it makes the movie longer than it needs to be. It caters mainly to the hardcore gaming crowd on the younger side, which is especially apparent when multiple famous gamers make appearances, but there is still much enjoyment to be found in it for everyone. If you prefer movies with plots on the more serious side and aren’t attracted to the premise of “Free Guy” at all, then you should skip this one. If you’re a more casual movie watcher who is looking for some mindless entertainment, “Free Guy” is an excellent option.

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